SVM: ERP Syntegra

SVM: ERP Syntegra


Software that facilitates business operations


Integral information system SVM Syntegra is a comprehensive solution for management of all business processes and resources of the company (finances, goods, materials, human resources, fixed assets...). High level of configurability enables setting functions of the system in accordance with the method of operation of your company. 
Even though the system is very configurable with a series of options, we are proud of the fact that the system is still simple and very intuitive. Also, we have developed a very efficient methodology of introducing the software into the operations of your company, that minimizes the time required for the implementation of business processes. 
In order to successfully apply the software the appropriate solution is not enough, but a series of well envisaged services, as well. This is why each Syntegra package includes necessary services so that the installation and introduction of ERP system are within the planned deadline, and the users are ready to use the software independently. High quality of our services includes longterm maintenance of the software. 

SVM Syntegra structure

- General Ledger
- Tax records
- Statements
- Cash register...
2. Trade and invoicing
- Purchase orders
- Purchase invoices
- Issued invoices
- Customs warehouse...
3. Warehouse operations
- Confirmation of acceptance and delivery
- Stock monitoring (general, per suppliers ...)
- Serial number monitoring ...
4. Production
- Work order
- Requisitions
- Invoices...
5. Retail
- POS system SVM .Kasa
- Retail calculations
- KEPU book...
6. Retail commission
- Reception sheet
- Cancellation of goods...
7. Fixed Assets
- Inventory numbers
- Depreciation
- Additional investments
- OA and PK form
- Wages and earnings calculation
- M4 and PPP form
- Temporary and seasonal jobs
- Records on job presence
- Templates for contracts...
- Work order
- Requisitions
- Fiscal bill issuance
- Planning regular system maintenance...
10. Hospitality
- POS system SVM Restoran
- Norms, Discharges, Requsitions...
- Bar list
- Dynamic report creation
12. Administration and configuration
- Assigning user rights to accounts and account groups
- Changing appearance of all documents


SVM Syntegra vertical and additional solutions


- Code import, dimensions, pricelist, discount
- Export of sales, method od payment, kepu book, fin. transaction
- Support for RT commission...
2. Construction solution
- Construction sites, temporary and final certificates
- Site progress monitoring 
- Record of site presence...
3. Automobile Service solution
- Service order
- Estimate, invoice, review of parts used, catalogue numbers
- Repairs search
4. Jewelry solution
- Supply Chain System (SCS): procurement system
- Description System: system used for describing and setting parameters of goods attributes
- Sample Line Management: system for managing optimum stock for sellers

Comments (6)

Snežana Barišić on 03.11.2014 15:07

Da li postoji demo verzija programa koja bi mogla da se proba?


SVM SUPPORT on 03.11.2014 15:13

Postovana Snezana,
Demo verzija postoji, ali je mi moramo instalirati na vas racunar preko programa za udaljenu podrsku. Obzirom na kompeksnost programa, nije lose da se odrzi i kratka obuka .


adnan suzanj on 20.06.2016 16:05

I mene zanima demo verzija ovog programa, pa da li biste me mogli kontaktirati preko mail-a Unaprijed hvala


Rašo Rastoder on 30.01.2017 20:48

I mene zanima demo verzija ovog programa, pa da li biste me mogli kontaktirati preko maila Unaprijed hvala


Milan Gljivica on 25.10.2018 23:19

imam namjeru otvoriti mali biznis pa mi treba neki knjigovodstveni softver. Naišao sam na Vaš program i htio bih isprobati demo verziju.


SVM Support on 30.10.2018 00:42

Pošaljite telefonski kontakt na da vam damo uputstva oko demo verzije.

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