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Cash management includes takeover, keeping and issuance of cash, that is, all cash transactions in one company. Cash transactions bookkeeping is performed by the bookkeeping department that receives and pays cash. Depending on the activity of the company, size and number of employees, the type and volume of cash management may vary. In accordance with that, the cash management bookkeeping usually includes the following:


  • Receiving, keeping and payout of cash and other valuables,
  • Cash withdrawal from the transfer account for payments to be executed,
  • Putting cash on transfer account,
  • Keeping records on aforementioned transactions.


What documents do I need?


Every cash payment or withdrawal is preceded by procedures that are integral part of cash management. Aid provided by the bookkeeping agency is proper recording of such changes in business books Their competence is to generate proper documentation for cash input and output based on the original document. These documents are called cash orders. Cash orders are produced separately for each collection or cash payout.  


In order to properly enter and record daily status in the cash register a special document is used, cash log. It includes records of all changes in cash register operation and as such, it is a valid evidence for financial control. 


Why do I need cash management?


To achieve the best possible clarity of business books. Cash management controls cash flow and the flow of other valuables in the company. There are regulations we must follow in these procedures, and our duty, and obligation we have as the bookkeeping agency is to execute all required entries in business books based on our knowledge of the processes. Additionally, different managerial reports of cash flows are possible, that can be provided as separate bookkeeping services. 


SVM - united business solutions operate based on the goals of modern business systems, and in the interest of company management. This is the approach used for this bookkeeping service.  


These bookkeeping services include:


  1. Recording of cash input into the cash register (withdrawal of funds from the current account of the company)
  2. Recording of cash output from the cash register (different current operational cost, representation, business trip advance payments, business trip costs compensation etc.)
  3. Keeping cash log as per rules
  4. Recording business changes on the General Ledger and additional analytical records

Bookkeeping of Cash Transactions - price of the service


Price for cash transactions bookkeeping offered by our bookkeeping agency primarily depends on the number of received invoices, amount of business costs for business trips payments, transportation costs payments for employees, that are to be entered into the business software. Also, the price depends on whether e-banking is used, or not, and whether our business software is used in the package of united business solutions. Naturally, the service price depends on whether potential company is the user of our services from united business solutions package, in which case special arrangement is made depending on services selected. 

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