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About SVera Solutions ltd.

SVera Solutions United Business Solutions - is a company that managed to integrate into a unity some indispensable businesses: business software, bookkeeping services, and all other servicess needed to make your business grow successfully. Our employees are real experts with the necessary knowledge,  able to provide quality services in their business area. We quickly recognized : if a company makes a progress, then it is because its employees made that progress. Therefore, SVera is continually investing in the development and training of all employees.

The basic business principle is quality, because we offer a professional approach and cooperation based on professionalism, trust and nice business practice. We use the best information technology intended for higher quality, faster and more accurate processing of the data, which we are always streaming to. Our customer is handled permanently by accounting professionals,  software developers and our technical support.

  • Vision

    To be recognized and acknowledged on the local market in developing business solutions and designing information systems as well as in the area of ​​quality not only related to accounting services, but also for the whole accounting, finance and advisory services, in a word - in the development of United Business Solutions!

  • Mission

    Through the offer of quality services - implementation of our United Business Solutions, respond to the complex demands of partners to help their business become effective, optimized and efficient which leads to higher profits of our clients in the future.

  • Strategy and business politics

    • partnership and business relationship with clients in order to achieve long-term cooperation
    • efficient work and promptness on partners' requests for the sake of their complete satisfaction
    • teamwork both within the company and the partners, which are placed in the center of our business activity
    • maintaining of modern trends in information technology and continuous improvement, for the sake of preserving and improving the market position
    • investment in new and modernization of existing staff in order to achieve the mission
    • full commitment to partners in order to achieve the vision

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