Have you ever asked yourself who actually controls if your Word or Windows has a valid licence ?   
Accountants are not safety officers (meaning, they are not responsible for occupational health and safety of clients they keep books for) but here is a chance to inform the accountants (and their clie…
All of you thinking about starting your own business, having certain funds that you would like to allocate smartly mostly wonder what are your options for reducing initial costs available
If you are managing a small, medium or large company or you are employed in a company as an accountant, in sales or marketing you are surely familiar with how much software may facilitate and improve …
Female entrepreneurship is surely one of the unused resources of the economic development, in the EU as well as in Serbia.
In one of the Asterix episodes, his side-kick Obelix is introduced to the value of money (mean Roman with the task to divide the Gaul is teaching him), the value of the menhir (the big stone Obelix ca…
If you have decided to start your own business, you are surely trying to find out what are the ways to invest as little money as possible and pay as little money to the government. 
Visualizing and setting a clear business goal is not easy. But it is extremely important to have it.