Inventory and Material Accounting


If the company is involved in trade or production, the following issues often arise in the organization of functional and work processes:


  • You are not managing all tasks included in the inventory and material accounting,
  • You do not wish to hire new employees but you have a lot of work
  • You are not sure of the stock in the inventory
  • You have issues with entering business changes into inventory and material accounting


SVM - united business solutions, a company with several years of experience in keeping business books including inventory and material accounting offers the following services  :


  • Warehouse organization,
  • Domestic and foreign calculation,
  • Purchase and sales pricing
  • Record of receipts,
  • Record of return receipts and serial numbers, warranty insight,
  • Record of sign out certificates per persons charged,
  • Entry of delivery notes and issued invoices,
  • Invoices and storing into the finished products warehouse,
  • Material requisition for production and servicing,
  • Inventory organization per sectors and warehouses,
  • Goods and material reception and issuance cards keeping
  • Product discharge per regulated or special norms
  • Alignment with financial accounting 


In case the aforementioned situation partially refers to your company, we provide the possibility to keep inventory and material accounting. This service is usual for clients in development phase, or clients that deal with a number of items in their sales offer. In order for the change to be updated, sound information flow is mandatory, and we have significant experience in this area. To a large extent the cooperation shall be successful is the takeover of documents is proper, significant to the inventory and material accounting. 


     Advantages you will experience through cooperation with our company


  •  Organized information processes
  •  Organization of work process
  •  Optimum stock
  •  Improved procurement management
  •  Facilitation of inventory


5 reasons we feel can improve this area


Expertise and experience of our employees.

Information we receive that we, regularly, in written form, deliver to you

Quality of service that we assure by controlling our operations and client dedication

Application of modern communications technologies for time savings

Application of United Business Solutions, for fast information flow.


Inventory and Material Accounting - price of the service


The price for these services is primarily based on whether you use our business software or not, since this significantly reduces time for re-entry of data in the information system by accounting. The price also depends on the number of received and issued invoices and the fact the company is involved in foreign trade or not, the number of retail facilities etc. Naturally, the price of the service depends on whether the potential company is the user of our services from the package of united business solutions,, in which case special arrangement is created depending on services selected. 

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This information is very helpful. Thank You for sharing such valuable information with us. Inventory And Order Management Software


komakechmichael on 26.03.2024 15:56

well summarized and standardized


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