Judicial Economic Expertise


What is judicial expertise ?


Judicial expertise is a legal process that results in the opinion of the authorized professional for the analysis of the judicial procedure - court expert.


What is a court expert ?


Court expert is a professional that meets the conditions to perform expertise. It is primarily a person that cooperates with the court. It may assist the court, through its expert opinion, to determine the truth in the court proceeding. The quality and comprehensive nature of the opinion of the court expert depends the outcome of the court proceeding.  


Some of the main characteristics of court experts must be competence, analytic thinking, it is good to have experience and constant improvement. Our team includes an expert that has all those qualities. 


When does a company need judicial expertise ?


In different situations when there is disagreement with another business subject, and the court proceeding has initiated. The basis for the dispute may be: 


  • Inadequate or incomplete calculation of default interest
  • Bad debt
  • Inappropriate calculation of taxes and interest
  • Valuation not calculated
  • Violation of the law on labor and financial consequences of it
  • Dispute with banks and legal companies etc.


SVM - united business solutions, in cooperation with our partners, can perform responsible and professional economic and financial expertise. Here are some of the examples:   


  • Judicial economic expertise in debtor-creditor relations (interest, debt, claims etc.)
  • Judicial economic expertise in tax procedures (tax interest, tax processes etc.)
  • Judicial economic expertise related to financial institutions (bank interest, liability maturity etc.)


Judicial Economic Expertise - price of the service


The price of the service for judicial economic expertise is agreed upon for each individual expertise since this price depends on a number of factors. Naturally, the price of the service depends on whether the potential company is the user of united business solutions services, in which case special arrangement is made depending on services selected. 

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