Financial Consulting and Analysis


Conducting business in circumstances in which we are today depends on a series of factors. We can have little or no impact to some of those factors, so-called external factors, but we may have impact on some. How? By adopting proper and timely decisions. In order to use such factors for your benefit, in order to make proper decisions in your company, you need to have the option to review financial analysis and reports on your business. 


First of all, financial analysis and reports are generated from the business software, offered by our company, recognized and renowned worldwide. During the proper organization of data entry into business documents (especially received and issued invoices, as well as material costs), all required data are set for subsequent analysis. Then special financial balances and reports are made that may be grouped and observed analytically, in accordance with business requirements of your company. However, it is not enough that the reports exist. They are not the only factor impacting your decisions. There are several internal and external factor that may set the course of your business and future decisions of the management. 


SVM - United Business Solutions as a bookkeeping agency pays special attention to this specific subject: Financial consulting and financial analysis. To view what kind of services are these, we have produced an overview - bookkeeping services related to financial consulting:  


Services included in financial consulting:


Financial analysis, plans and services


  • Business plan and Feasibility study
  • Analysis of Securities and bonds listed on domestic and/or foreign stock exchanges
  • Analysis of compeny liquidity and solvency 
  • Preparation of documentation and reports for loans 
  • Solvency valuation of your buyers
  • Ratio analysis
  • Company profitability analysis, safety margin
  • Net current capital analysis, so-called NCC analysis
  • Analysis of short term and long term placements and liabilities of the company


Financial Consulting - Company reorganization plan


  • Financial difficulties in business cause analysis
  • Reorganization financing method
  • Financial projection of balance sheet and income statement
  • Classification of creditors
  • Asset sales plan (as required)
  • Reorganization plan execution schedule


Financial Consulting - Reorganization plan execution


  • Liability maturity change
  • Interest rate and other loan conditions change
  • Receivables settlement
  • Transfer of assets to creditors
  • Company activity change
  • Negotiations on debt payment in installments
  • Negotiations with creditors and suppliers
  • Contract amendment, debt write-off
  • Concluding loan agreements
  • Legal status change


Financial Consulting - Valuations


  • Company assets valuations
  • Object and land valuation
  • Equipment valuation
  • Company and capital valuation
  • Current business liquidity valuation


Financial Consulting - Other


  • Judicial financial expertise


Financial Consulting - price of the service


Price of this service primarily depends on whether you are our client or not since the basic contract includes free consulting. If you need additional services they are agreed upon separately depending on the volume of business of the company, its structure and the goal we are trying to achieve together. Naturally, the price of the service depends on whether the potential company is the user of united business solutions services package, in which case special arrangement is made, based on services selected. 


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