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Bookkeeping services, in principle, have a goal of determining business results at the end of a period, and to submit such results to relevant and competent state authorities on proper forms. 


These bookkeeping services include:


  • Monthly or quarterly VAT application
  • M4 application for determination of annual contribution to pension and disability insurance of employees
  • PPP-PO application for determination of annual income tax for citizens
  • Annual balances


Optionally these services may include:


  • Other periodic reports per request (bank loans, solvency evaluation etc.)


Regarding VAT calculation, you can find more information on our pages on keeping tax books and producing forms and VAT calculation.


For M4 and PPP-PO forms, it is necessary to properly keep wages and earnings calculation, using our software for bookkeeping which we represent.  


Finally, as the bookkeeping agency that is run by the principle of United Business Solutions, we round up the fiscal year by submitting annual forms. For small companies, these are:  


  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement
  • Statistical Annex


and for companies subject to audit, additional :


  • Cash flow statement
  • Statement on capital changes
  • Notes with forms.


Most of these procedures are automated as much as it is possible, which is enabled by software we use. This includes: 


  1. Automatic form generation
  2. Form export to special sharing formats
  3. Import to software for electronic submission of annual forms


This shows you, once more, that the cooperation with SVM bookkeeping agency that offers more, saves our time and reduces your costs ! 


Periodical Reports - price of the service


Price for these bookkeeping services primarily depends on the type of the report. Other factors with impact are: company in the VAT system, company using other services from us, reports for the company that is not the client of the bookkeeping agency, etc. Naturally, the price of the service depends on whether the potential company is the user of our services from the united business solutions package, in which case special arrangement is made depending on services selected. 

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