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VAT Application


After we have properly calculated VAT, it is necessary to produce a tax application at the end of the month. Bookkeeping agency SVM shall inform you in a timely manner on the pre-result of VAT based on the tax application and accurate amount of VAT that is to be paid. In case this is agreed upon, our courier service delivers the tax application to the relevant branch of tax authority. 


The companies that employ new workers and terminate employment of current ones, may perform such tasks with us as standard service. This requires a M Form. 


VAT Application (PEPDV)


PEPDV is a form executed after the VAT calculation is completed for your company for a certain time period. In accordance with the current law, it is delivered by the 15th of the month for previous month. 


M Form


This form is used for application, change and termination of employees related to mandatory social insurance. It is submitted upon employment or termination of employment, or upon exercise of special rights from the insurance of unemployed. 


The form includes two parts: M form on top and M-A form below. Only M form is filled, while the M-A form is used as evidence the application is submitted for the Institute for Social Insurance. 


When the application is submitted for the mandatory social insurance upon employment of the newly employed, the bookkeeping services of filling the form are performed by our company, you, as the employer, sign and seal them. 


In case of employment termination, M form is filled again, only in different manner.


M Form


The most frequent form, changing the employment status of the employee, may be :


  • Employee application
  • Employee status change
  • Employee termination


Where is M form submitted to?


This form is submitted to


  • competent branch of the Pension and Disability Insurance Fund of the Republic of Serbia, or
  • competent branch of the Health Insurance Fund of the Republic of Serbia. 


On submission, M form is delivered, and M-A form is returned to the applicant, as evidence of M form submission.


How is the M form filled?


The form is filled differently, depending on the case. All data is not entered at all cases. Detailed information on filling the form are available with us as your bookkeeping agency.  


Preparation and Registration of Applications - price of the service


Price of the service depends on several factors. The price depends on whether a company is LLC or entrepreneur shop, is it in the VAT system or not, is VAT calculated on three or six months basis, the number of employees, extraordinary calculations (debt, sick leaves, maternity leaves, etc.). Naturally, the price of the service depends on whether the potential company is the user of other services from our package of united business solutions, in which case special arrangement is made depending on services selected. 

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Ana Ljubicic on 21.07.2019 20:30

Molim Vas za informaciju,da li se prilaze uz M obrazac i resenje -skenirano o otkazu?


SVM SUPPORT on 23.07.2019 21:50

@Ana Ljubičić,
Ako mislite na M obrazac u smislu rada na sajtu CROSO, onda je odgovor ne. Ako mislite na odjavu i dokumentaciju vezanu za radno pravo u vašoj organizaciji, rešenje o otkazu je jedan od dokumenata koji morate imati, ali nije nužno da ga imate u skeniranom obliku.

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