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During the talks with our clients we can often hear expressions such as "income tax for citizens", "years of service", "basic gross earnings", "contributions charged to the employee", "meal allowances", "annual leave contribution", "earnings are calculates as per three month average", "this is the wage, not earnings", etc. Terms "calculation based on net amount" are also discussed even though wages are calculated in "gross" for the last ten years. 


ZaradeThese are all legally required categories that can be responded to by SVM - United Business Solutions, as the bookkeeping agency.

In practice, the clients have very different requests and methods of calculating wages and earnings in their companies. We will show just a few examples: 

  1. Marko's salary is 350 euro each month.
  2. No employee must drop below the minimum wage.
  3. Petar has contracted hourly wage in dinars, but meal allowance is deducted.
  4. These 3 employees earned a raise, and those 2 disincentive for the following 2 months.
  5. Reduce the wage to all workers that were late for work for more than 10 minutes or more in the previous month.
  6. Jelena used company mobile phone over 2000 din. This surplus should be deducted from her earnings.
  7. We have 4 maternity leave employees, and we calculated them separately.

and so on. There are a lot of real life examples, and our practice and experience are our largest advantage in providing these bookkeeping services.


SVM - bookkeeping agency is pleased to present wages and earnings calculation software and software for managing HR resources SVM Syntegra, that can provide even the most demanding services to the client. These bookkeeping services include:  


  • Calculation of earnings for employees and founders
  • Calculation of net amount based on gross and gross amount based on set net amount (usual practice with clients)
  • Calculation of taxes and contributions charged to the employee and the employer
  • Calculation of earnings allowances (sick leaves under 30 days, over 30 days, maternity leaves etc.),
  • Calculation of subsidies towards the National Employment Service (INSZ forms etc.)
  • Calculation of deduction based on loans or attachments to salaries
  • Temporary deductions, calculation of incentives and disincentives
  • Generating electronic payment orders
  • Generating electronic tax forms (OD, OPJ, OPJ1 - OPJ8)
  • Submitting forms to Tax Administration and Republic Institute for Social Insurance
  • Recording changes in the General Ledger and analytical records of bookkeeping,
  • Generating annual records on all calculations and payouts ( calculation of M-4 and PPP forms and their submission to competent authorities)


Calculation of wages and earnings - price of the service


Price of calculation of wages and salaries service primarily depends on the number of employees for which calculation is performed. Also, the price of the bookkeeping service is under the impact of the number of extraordinary calculations (subsequent calculations of wages and earnings for the month that was already processed), is it just the final calculation or advance payments are included, are the forms submitted to state institutions and it is necessary to hire a delivery service. Naturally, the price depends on whether the potential company is the user of some of out united business solutions services, in which case special arrangement is made depending on the selected services. 

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Sanja Kiš on 04.06.2018 17:42

Da li mogu sa kursem dvojnog knjigovodstva otvoriti svoju knjigovostvenu agenciju?
Hvala unapred


SVM Support on 06.06.2018 13:52

@Sanja Kiš,

Možete. Ne postoje nikakvi uslovi i zakonske kvalifikacije da bi se osnovala knjigovodstvena agencija.

Dajana Ljujić on 29.01.2023 21:08

Dobar dan, zamolila bih ponudu za sve usluge koje pružate, taksativno navedeno. Ponuda je potrebna za dve firme, u jednoj je 10 zaposlenih, a u drugoj 68. Hvala


Admin sajta on 07.02.2023 15:07

@ Dajana Ljuljic

Molim vas da zahtev posaljete na mail: i da navedete vas kontakt telefon da bi vas kolege kontaktirale za vise informacija. sam broj zaposlenih nije dovoljan za procenu posla.

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