Retail bookkeeping services


If you own a retail store, or network of retail stores, then you are surely at the right place!


Let's take a look at the real example:


The usual cost of starting a retail business may be presented in the following steps:


  • Business space lease
  • Cash register or printer provision
  • Computer provision
  • Procurement of the legal operating system and software (Office package, Antivirus etc.)
  • Retail software procurement
  • Enabling transfer logistics between stores
  • Bookkeeping services: VAT calculation, alignment of daily turnover with cash register, calculations, etc.


Believe it or not, except for item one, all can be our concern, and all steps aforementioned are included in our standard bookkeeping services. Why should you seek these services on a number of places when it is surely more cost effective, efficient and cheaper to use one supplier. You figure out what and how to sell and for all rest - SVM United Business Solutions have the right business solution for you. 


To present our experience in more detail, we will describe types of retail objects we have cooperated so far.


Bookkeeping Services - Retail - Supermarkets


The issues with supermarkets are frequent calculations of prices and entries, reports for the sales of excise goods and precise barcoding of merchandise. In order to secure successful bookkeeping, it is necessary to organize items into groups and subgroups, and secure precision in entering new items into the system. In this way, we reach maximum performance of our bookkeeping services and united business solutions. 


Bookkeeping Services - Retail - Hypermarkets


Large merchant objects such as hypermarkets are usually the combination of supermarkets and department stores. With these retail facilities we see a lot of information processes that need to be automated:


  • Record of item barcodes
  • Record of package barcodes and margin calculation (for example, package of Coca-Cola and one bottle of Coca-Cola)
  • Record of bulk goods (internal barcodes for fruits and vegetables)
  • Scales (meat and meat products, procurement and scale operations automation)
  • Cash settlement with all cash registers


Bookkeeping Services - Retail - Petrol Stations


Most modern petrol stations, in addition to oil and oil derivatives sell commodity goods, and a lot of them, located on highways, include hospitality facilities within their retail stores. 


Modern trends on petrol stations are imported from abroad and include expanding services offered to customers, including: 


  • Self-service,
  • Fuel payment automation,
  • Fast, automated service in the hospitality facility, 
  • Automated ordering using mobile devices, etc.


Bookkeeping services related to this type of retail include a very flexible and robust software for business management, which is an advantage for SVM due to its united business solutions. 


Bookkeeping Services - Retail - Shoes and Clothes Stores


With shoes and clothes stores there are special processes that impact the job organization: 


  • Raster of items with the same code per size, color, collection (for example, the same sports shoe model has a number of sizes, colors, etc.)
  • Record of item barcodes in accordance with the raster
  • Is the price carrier the model (item) or raster (one item size).
  • Frequent inventory per raster variations
  • Frequent replacement and return of items, acting in accordance with the Law on Cash Registers
  • Data import on procurement invoices and price calculations
  • Frequent price leveling due to business terms and methods


Bookkeeping services related to clothes and shoes stores stipulate proper organization of items, record of rasters per barcodes and data import process automation related to price calculation and leveling. 


Bookkeeping Services - Retail - Books and Textbooks Stores 


This type of stores has specific item grouping, as well as frequent sales discounts for loyal readers: 


  • Tracking per authors, genre, area, edition, school subjects, years of education
  • Reader's Club - special benefits for club members : recording special discounts and promotions
  • ISBN cataloging and recording


Challenges related to these bookkeeping services for retail are often a large number of decisions on discounts, price leveling, proper item grouping. The owners often require reports per categories aforementioned, that help in the managerial reports. 


Bookkeeping Services - Retail - Electronics Goods Store


This is also a very specific type of store. Process automation and bookkeeping services for retail stores of electronics goods include challenge resolution such as:


  • Automatic replication of data between the store and management
  • Issuing goods from central and local warehouse
  • Goods delivery process automation
  • Grouping per sales programs, technical properties, brands

Job volume is reduced to minimum for the users of our united business solutions in retail. The management may use a series of predefined reports as well as creating dynamic reports per request. 


Bookkeeping Services - Retail - Furniture Stores


Pieces of furtniture are, as a rule, robust, which is why sales of furniture process, in accordance with the Law on VAT and the Law on Cash Registers, has its challenges. Bookkeeping services for furniture stores in our company include compliance with such laws, related to some of the processes: 


  • Furniture procurement
  • Issuance of advance payment invoices in retail
  • Sales from other warehouses
  • Closing advance payments to retail buyers etc.


Bookkeeping Services - Retail - Multi-level Marketing Stores


Bookkeeping services for this type of stores include control of compliance with the Law on Protection of Consumers and the Law on Cash Registers. In these stores payment of bonuses for sales of its members are frequent, so it is necessary to be familiar with the law on income tax of citizens. 


Retail - price of the service


Price for these services primarily depends on whether you use our business software or not since this significantly reduces the time required to re-enter data into the information system by accounting. The price also depends on whether it is an entrepreneur shop or company in the VAT system. Also, the price may be impacted by the fact the company is involved in foreign trade or not, the number of retail facilities, etc. Naturally, the price of the service depends on whether the potential company is the user of some of our services from the united business solutions, in which case special arrangement is made depending on services selected. 


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