Preparing Documentation for a Loan


Modern business often requires financial assistance of business banks. In order to turn your ideas into business, sometimes you need to prove it to your business Bank. In practice, for loans of different purposes, different reports are required and different documentation. 


Since we are aware of the need to credit your business, we have realized that our clients need fast professional help for loan application. Soon, we saw that our clients do not understand the banking technology very well. Also, from experience we know that each bank is very specific related to its loan approval process. The documentation required for small and medium companies can be very large and detailed. 


Paper work with domestic business banks


In order to demonstrate how does the preparation of documentation look like in practice, we will only say that one bank requires (mandatory) 16 documents, for the approval of loan and credit analysis by bank clerks. That is not all. The banks always reserve the right, per contract, to seek additional documentation. The process of applying for a loan may be devastating sometimes, regardless the fact the business banks market their "fast" approval. What is the deal? Banks in Serbia are very cautious. Unfortunately, the circumstances of the economy are such, that the business risk the bank may allow is very low. This is why you need documentation to persuade them - in the right way! 


SVM - United Business Solutions have experience in preparing documentation for loans. We have experience with domestic business banks, we know how the banks think. Do not allow yourself the luxury of not receiving the loan, focus on your work and let us form the proper documentation for loans ! 


Preparing documentation for a loan - price of the service


Service of preparing documentation for a loan is mostly included in the price of bookkeeping services. Exceptions may arise if, due to application for loans of banks or some other purposes it happens more frequently than agreed in the contract. In such cases the price of this service is determined based on the volume of operations of the company and the volume of mandatory documentation that needs to be prepared. Naturally, the price of the service depends on whether the potential company is the user of any other united business solutions services, in which case special arrangement is made depending on services selected. 

Comments (6)

Vera Pavlović on 23.05.2018 09:54

Radite li sa fizičkim licima?


SVM Support on 23.05.2018 12:07

@Vera Pavlović,

Na žalost ne. Nismo registrovani za rad sa fizičkim licima.

Milanka Filipovic on 17.07.2019 07:28

zainteresovana sam za Start tap kredit i treba mi Vasa usluga.


SVM SUPPORT on 23.07.2019 21:42


Pišite konkretnije šta vas interesuje na naš mejl koji možete videti u okviru stranice Kontakt.

Mihajlo Nikolic on 21.01.2020 15:04

Dobar dan,od prošle godine u julu sam otvorio molersko gipsarsku radnju, a inače imam kredit u raifajzen banci koji sam podigao kao fizičko lice i sticajem okolnosti(bio sam bolestan i dobio otkaz na poslu) imao sam kasnjenja i evidentiran sam u kreditnom birou... Jos uvek ga placam svaki mesec, davao sam i po nekoliko rata odjednom... Sad me zanima da li postoji mogućnost da podignem kredit i ujedno da isplatim ovaj i da nesto investiram u posao?


SVM SUPPORT on 12.02.2020 16:27

@Mihajlo Nikolić,

Da li ima mogućnosti? Uvek ima, samo se moraju dobro ispitati. U suštini, ovo zavisi od uslova koje vam banke mogu ponuditi. Neke banke se trude da ponude kredite za prevremenu otplatu, pa mislimo da je najbolje da se raspitate kod nekoliko različitih banaka.

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