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Bookkeeping software for e-business MiniMax


Improve your operations with the bookkeeping software miniMAX


SAOP miniMAX is the simplest bookeeping software for efficient business management for micro and small companies. Numerous simplifications and automations reduce the volume of entered data and speed up the accounting processes. Most of standard bookkeeping calculations and reports are executed by one click. All data, as well as business documentation, is kept on one location. This gives you so much more time that you can use to increase the number of clients and more efficient counseling. 


Bookkeeping software SAOP miniMAX is clear and customized which is why you can use it after two hours of training. Installed instructions and excellent customer support are sufficient to quickly resolve possible errors and issues in working with the software. 


Wish to reduce operational costs?


With resources you have perform much more operations in a shorter period of time.


Wish to monitor your operations?


Manage your business at any moment from any location.


Wish to earn extra money?


Receive excellent sales commissions through the placement of the bookkeeping and business management software miniMAX. 


Why did 13.000 clients decide to use bookkeeping software miniMAX?

Bookkeeping software miniMAX is simple to use, you can start using it after free presentation. 

It enables 100% mutual alignment between the accountant and the entrepreneur. Direct review of entire business is enabled to the entrepreneur and the accountant, regardless of whether it is an internal accountant or an external bookkeeping agency. 

Maximum reduction of bookkeeping data entry time. Forget manual accounting, all entries are automatic. Forget manual entering data from NBS. Forms and reports are produced automatically in miniMAX.

Software upgrade is our concern. During the night, we update data. Legal update is not charged, in addition to this, we archive your data daily in accordance with the latest safety mechanisms system. 

Bookkeeping software miniMAX is available 24 hours per day online, from any location (office, home, for emergencies even when on holiday). 


Bookkeeping software miniMAX - advantages for accountants:


  • Automatic entry of issued invoices and travel orders;
  • Automatic reporting for state institutions;
  • Efficient cash flow management;
  • Saving time for reporting and client notifications;
  • Connected monitoring of income and costs, including depreciation, income from capital, labor cost and stock value;
  • Automatic preparation of data for final reports;
  • Direct preparation of annual balances and income;
  • Export of business documentation and reports in PDF for e-mailing;
  • Automatic software compliance with legislation.


Bookkeeping software miniMAX - advantages for companies:


  • Direct access to business information online from any location, and at any time;
  • Pick the device for information access on your own (iPAD, notebook, tablet or PC);
  • Income and costs reports prepared in advance;
  • Fast execution of routine tasks (invoice issuance, travel and work order preparation);
  • Simple reception of detailed business data with no mediation from accountant;
  • E-business with bookkeeping agency, that reduces costs and saves time;
  • Highest level of integrated security prevents loss or abuse of data;
  • Automatic upgrade of software with new options;
  • Fixed monthly fee without hidden costs.

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Reduction of printing documentation requirement, exchange of paper documentation, frequent visits to the accountant, state and tax institutions and fast processing of business information, availability from any location and at any time, highest level of data security... are just some of the reasons a number of companies decide to move to such Cloud business applications. Without large initial investments and lease the usage of the application through monthly operational costs additionally stimulates the users to accept the application of such modern technology. 


Bookkeeping software miniMAX is available for trial today, completely free, by registering on the following link: Try miniMAX – 1 month for free.


More on the bookkeeping software miniMax on the official software web page MiniMax.

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