Tax Consulting


Tax consulting is a good practice in running the company. Especially, in conditions of the economy of Serbia, it is best to plan your tax obligations. Bookkeeping agency SVM - United Business Solutions can help you, through its service of tax consulting, produce a tax business strategy, optimize tax obligations and reduce tax risk. Proper approach to tax obligations minimizes the amount of tax mandatory for payment and opens options to plan funds for other purposes. 


Services provided by SVM related to Tax Consulting can be divided to several groups:


Tax Consulting - Training and Informing


  • Training and informing clients on amendments of tax regulation and decisions
  • Consulting on application of new international accounting standards related to taxes
  • Consulting on all tax issues, tax obligations and tax applications
  • Tax consulting through analysis and resolving tax issues


Tax Consulting - Tax Types


  • Income tax from service contract
  • Value added tax (VAT). Calculated and previous VAT, options and conditions of deduction of previous VAT. Tax application.
  • Tax consulting, related to Income tax of citizens related to the form of engagement and type of contract concluded with employer.    
  • Income tax from copyrights and rights of industrial property including compensation for the taxpayer from written work, verbal work, drama and music, art, cinema, translations, proofreading, patents, etc.   
  • Income tax from independent activity
  • Income tax from real estate, lease and sublease, buildings, parts of buildings, apartments, office space and garages.
  • Tax from contracts on professional improvement
  • Tax from contracts on temporary and seasonal jobs 
  • Tax from capital gain
  • Income tax from capital: interest from loans, savings, dividends and shares in profit
  • Tax from other income. Tax treatment of gifts. Income from lease of movables, income from winnings in games of chance. Tax from transfer of absolute rights.
  • Double taxation. Contracts on the avoidance of double taxation related to income tax, property tax, applied to residents of one or both parties to such agreements.  


Tax Consulting - Tax penalties and violations


  • Tax violations
  • Tax criminal offenses
  • First level and second level tax procedure


Tax Consulting - Special


  • Managerial tax analysis
  • Tax planning
  • Proposals and advice for future successful business moves


Tax Consulting - Tax Application - legal framework



Tax Consulting - price of the service


Price of tax consulting primarily depends whether the company is our client or not since basic consulting is included in the basic contract. If you need additional services they are agreed upon separately depending on the volume of business of the company, its structure and the goal we are trying to achieve. We must state that the tax payment is not a voluntary category and that it must be paid, but we are here for you to optimize such costs. Naturally, the price of services depend on whether the potential company is the user of united business solutions services package in which case special arrangement is made depending on services selected. 



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