Financial Analysis of Business


These bookkeeping services include reports that are "customized" by the company management, such as:


  • P&L (Profits and Loss)
  • Cash Flow
  • Income Statement and Balance Sheet per request
  • Other managerial reports


P&L Report Basics


Unlike Balance Sheet that presents the financial status of the company, Profit and Loss shows the activities of the company in a certain period. Activities of the company are viewed through the analysis of income, costs and their final difference - that is, profit and loss. 


In order to present a clear business image of your company, it is necessary to properly plan ahead all groups of income and costs, and enter business changes in such a manner. This structure results in reports that can be managed by the management of the company, in accordance with their requirements. Also, such structure of reporting enables segmentation of income and costs, or showing business results per activities type. 


One example of income division to financial groups:


  • Income from operations
  • Income from financing and
  • Income from extraordinary activities


SVM - as the bookkeeping agency can clearly present what are the points of attention in the future in order to have appropriate financial analysis of business, regarding management requirements, as well as accounting standards. 


Why does the company need Cash Flow for management ?


In economy, a lot of expressions are used for Cash flow:


  1. Cash flow balance
  2. Cash flow report
  3. Cash flows etc.


Still, the most frequent one is "Cash Flow". Cash Flow report shows solvency, that is, the capacity of the company to pay short term liabilities. This means - will we be able to pay invoices delivered by our suppliers.  


When it comes to Cash Flow report, there are two basic questions:


  1. Where did the money come from
  2. What was the money used for


Of course, the managers may ask Why ? Why did the balance rise to 1 120 000 in November.


Did you know ?


Cash Flow report can be generated in several ways:


  • Direct method
  • Indirect method
  • Managerial method


Proper setting of information processes as well as organization of business processes result in precise data, and quality reports. SVM - United Business Solutions offers their knowledge and expertise through its bookkeeping services - financial analysis of business, in order to facilitate management of your company. 


Financial Analysis of Business - price of the service


Price for bookkeeping services of financial analysis of business depends on several factors. The price depends on whether the company is within the VAT system or not, as well as the number of received and issued invoices, the number of employees for earnings calculation, number of cash registers, fixed assets, also, whether the company is involved in foreign trade, number of retail facilities, etc. Naturally, the price of the service depends on whether the potential company is the user of our united business solutions package, in which case special arrangement is made depending on services selected. 

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