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In addition to calculation of wages and earnings there is other personal income that has the character of earnings, but is not. It is usually contracted separately and often with a set period. As in all transactions, tax is imposed this type of earnings, and sometimes certain types of contributions are calculated as well, depending on the nature of contract with the employer. During the talks we had (SVM Bookkeeping Agency), we could hear terms such as "service agreement", "allowances for the members of the board of directors", "non-taxable amount of monthly transport fee is...", "the largest amount of per diem for domestic business trip is...", "this income is included in temporary and periodical jobs" etc. 


Some of the requests and questions of clients were:


  • How do I calculate the author's fee for this type of activity ?
  • Company owner wishes to collect a dividend, how should he act ?
  • This guy will work for us for 4 months, can I conclude a service agreement with him ?
  • This boy will work as an apprentice here, and our company has decided to pay a grant to him. What are our obligations?
  • We have accepted some volunteers from the bureau. What are the possible contract models for cooperation with them?
  • We need extra employees during the summer. How many contracts for temporary and periodical jobs can we sign with our employees ?

and so on. There are a lot of examples, but our practice and experience are our largest advantage in providing these bookkeeping services, thus being able to respond to the variety of questions from this area. 


On forms in case of other personal income


The state regulates different forms for different income and earnings. Among others, these are:


  • Tax form PPP-PD, determining income tax for citizens and mandatory contributions for social insurance
  • MUN and MUN-K form for contributions
  • Forms of the National Employment Service etc.


SVM - bookkeeping agency proudly presents wages and earnings calculation software SVM Syntegra, that can provide even the most demanding services to the client. These bookkeeping services include:


  • Calculation of transportation costs
  • Calculation of business trip costs (per diem, fuel, toll, representation, etc.)
  • Calculation of service contracts
  • Calculation of author's fee
  • Calculation of members of the board of directors and supervisory board
  • Calculation of real estate lease
  • Calculation of dividend payment to founders
  • Calculation of apprentices and volunteers
  • Calculation of temporary and periodical jobs
  • Other personal income with tax and contributions payment obligation


Other Personal Income - price of the service


Price of calculating other personal income primarily depends on the number of employees. Also, the price of the bookkeeping service is impacted by the number of extraordinary calculations (subsequent calculation of income for the month that was already processed), is it just the final earnings calculation or there are advance payments, are the forms submitted to state authorities and it is necessary to hire a delivery service. Naturally, the service depends on whether the potential company is the user of other services from our package of united business solutions, in which case special arrangement is made depending on services selected. 

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