Standard Bookkeeping Services - Calculations for Wholesale and Retail


Calculation of related costs and purchase price with purchase invoices


Each procurement of goods may include calculation of related costs of the purchase. If you have them, it is very important to calculate them properly, because, what you work for is the profit of the company, and it is visible through margin, and in order to properly calculate the margin, it is necessary to properly calculate related costs of the purchase, as well as retail and wholesale price of the product. Of course, in retail, it is necessary to present the so-called "calculated" tax, also. 


Calculation of Customs Debt

Calculation of customs debt is a mandatory documents presenting total duties of the customs procedure. Without this document liability towards the customs or VAT at import cannot be properly determined. In order to qualify for VAT deduction at import of goods and services, you must pay obligations from the calculation of customs debt in the same tax period. 


Related costs at purchase from import often depend on different parities and conditions of transport and delivery of goods. After years of experience, we have noticed that the most difficult issues for import clients are reading SAD (single administrative document) and calculating related costs. SVM provides this type of bookkeeping service, whether through consulting, bookkeeping or service package. 


The tax base at the import of goods is, in accordance with the Article 19 of the Law on VAT, the value of imported goods determined as per customs regulations, increased for the amount of customs fee and other import duties, excise and other public income, except for VAT, as well as other additional costs incurring related to import of goods until the first destination, or first reloading, in the Republic, if the transporting documentation does not include first destination. 


The first destination, in the sense of paragraph 2 item 2) of this Article of the Law, is considered the location stated in the invoice or other transport document, and if not stated, the location of the first reload of goods in the Republic (Article 19 paragraph 3 of the Law). 


However, the practice of bookkeeping services shows that it is necessary to have sound knowledge and interpretation of customs regulations and documents (primarily single administrative document - SAD). The costs calculated in customs value depend on the specific customs procedure and experience is required to control the accuracy of base calculation for customs according to terms of the customs. SVM - united business solutions certainly has years of experience in performing this bookkeeping service. 


Price calculation in retail


Price calculation procedure in retail is not much different from wholesale, but there is one more "step". 


In practice, you may often hear expressions such as "calculated magrin", "calculated VAT", retail price... These are the terms marking values that must be recorded separately with retail calculations. Bookkeeping services Belgrade - calculation development. 


Calculations for Wholesale and Retail - price of the service


Price for bookkeeping services of calculation for wholesale and retail that are provided by our bookkeeping agency depend on several factors. The price depends on whether the company is in the VAT system or not, and the number of received and issued invoices. Also, the price may be affected by the foreign trading of the company or lack of it, number of retail facilities, etc. Naturally, the price also depends on whether the potential company is the user of some of our services from the package of united business solutions in which case special arrangement is made depending on services selected. 

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