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Incorporation of the company is one of the basic bookkeeping services. Simply, in order to make all other services possible it is necessary to incorporate a company, and for the business process to run smoothly all legal procedures should be executed on incorporation. Our bookkeeping services agency executes for you and instead of you all those procedures that need resolving in the company registration process. For this reason this service is not at least insignificant, and it should not be left aside. 


Let us review a real example:


In order to incorporate a company it is necessary to visit several governmental institutions, banks, pay the principal, apply for employees, work with lawyers... This is merely the first one in the series of actions to be performed in order to start the business. 


 If you are thinking about the incorporation of the company, think what else should be managed, in addition to incorporation. 


Consider ups and downs if you are doing on in several direction, with several partners, and we assure you that advantages of working with us are numerous. Why? See here 


Bookkeeping services - company incorporation process


Company incorporation process is executed in several steps that follow each other. All steps must be coordinated and aligned, with differences arising from the type of the company, that is, if it is a Joint Stock Company, Limited Liability Company, Partnership or Limited Partnership. Here we will state several characteristic steps that should be performed in incorporating any of these companies. These steps differ on company types, and our experts will perform all required activities on the incorporation of your company. 



Company incorporation procedure:


  • Submitting the application to the Business Registers Agency
  • Paying required taxes
  • Submitting required documentation and evidence on taxes paid during the application at the BRA
  • Adopting decision on company registration
  • Receiving Tax Identification Number
  • Applying for registration number with payment of taxes and evidence on such payment
  • Delivery of documentation to the Bank and opening the current account


Lack of familiarization of any parts of the procedure, or making errors in the procedure, paying a number of taxes, untimely application, untimely applying for employees and other possible obstacles found during company incorporation may cost you time and money. This is why it is best to leave the procedure to professionals, therefore, our team and the bookkeeping agency are always at your disposal. 


Incorporation - price of the service


The price of the complete service of incorporation that can be provided by our bookkeeping agency depends on several factors. The price depends on the fact whether the company is LLC or entrepreneur shop, whether it is in the VAT system or not, as well as all required activities for the given company (employee application, pension and disability insurance, administration, etc.). Of course, the price depends on whether the potential company uses any of our services from the package of united business solutions, in which case special arrangement is made depending on services selected. 



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Ljubica Crnoglavac on 19.11.2015 10:44

Da li vaša agencija pruža usluge osnivanja preduzetničke radnje,sa vodjenjem odgovarajućeg knjigovotstva,predpostavljam van sistema PDV-a,i uopšte savetovanja o tome kakvu delatnost treba registrovati...nap.u slučaju preduzetničke radnje koja se bavi umetničkim zanatom..zanima me okvirna cena vaših usluga,radi se o teritoriji Beograda.Hvala


Support on 19.11.2015 10:50

Vršimo takve usluge. Za detalje o cenama, pogledajte cenovnik
Za sve savete, ostavite nam neki kontakt ili nam pišite preko stranice Kontakt.


Milanovic Sasa on 23.09.2018 20:09

Zanima me trgovina Automobila iz uvoza, hocu da registrujem firmu, nazalost bi mi trebale informacije posto nisam jos imo prilike da se susretnem sa otvaranje tj reg predizeca.


SVM Support on 24.09.2018 10:06

@Milanovic Sasa,

Napišite koje vas informacije interesuju ili nas kontaktirajte na telefone sa kontakt stranice.

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