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United Business Solutions


Bookkeeping software, business software, accounting services

This s a key advantage in our company offer. Let us give you an example to show you the real meaning of our slogan "United business solution":

John is a very capable worker, who wants to establish his first trading company. During his career, he gained the necessary experience, knowledge, and the most important thing - he gained good contacts as well in his field of business. Now he feels very capable to invest part of his money and to star his own business - to open a plastic materials store.

  1. First step for John is to establish his store
  2. Then, he needs to open a current account in the bank 
  3. Next thing to do is start up capital payment
  4. He will be needing a few computers or laptops, and a few more hardware... and of course, the person who will put this all together in a network
  5. Ooh, our guy has forgot all about system and applicative software, which needs to have a license on the computers he has bought.
  6. Hmm, and how will he do the business then? That is the catch. He needs a business program, as well as bookkeeping program (software)
  7. He mustn't forget a cash register or a fiscal printer... But, which one to choose? The market's big, considering volume of his business and the large number of articles that he is going to sell using fiscal device.
  8. And who is going to run his books? He must solve that problem too. He must choose the most adequate computer program for the bookkeeping.
  9. Maybe, he'll need a bank loan for the better start... but the banks want to see the business plan for the small and intermediate companies. He will need a company to create a business plan for him.
  10. Marketing solutions? How to start? The fastest and probably the cheapest commercial in on the internet. John needs to face the problem of choosing his team, or maybe only one man to create his basic website.

After all these steps have been taken, and it often can be even more those little and big problems, he can devote to his work and run his company. 

SVM - United business solutions offers you all at once of these services, or only one or couple that you need. Here is what we offer:
  1. Tax consulting and finance consulting, which includes creating a business plan and report needed for a bank loan
  2. Some of our 4 IT systems for running business, which covers complete process of running the information related to trading goods and services
  3. Possibility that you use IT solution instead of paying lawyer to run the operations related to foundation of the company, and  registration and cancellation of workers
  4. Possibility that instead of IT companies, provide and maintain your computers, system software, fiscal devices and network
  5. Possibility that instead of IT companies LICENSE  AND LEGALIZE SOFTWARE that is used in your company
  6. Possibility that COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE create your own INTERNET SITE where you can present your company in best possible way 

All you need to do is your business. All the rest you'll get from the United business solutions...


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