Analytical records, accounts payable and receivables from customers

Standard Bookkeeping Services - Analytical Records, Accounts Payables and Receivables from Customers

Research and experience have shown that the timely information on the debt of certain buyers, and how much do we owe certain suppliers is one of the 3 most frequent information of interest to our clients. This is why our company, SVM - United Business Solutions from Belgrade, in cooperation with our clients, strives to keep this information "available to the boss". In practice, this means that we wish to assign as much operative work as possible to the client, and to perform our bookkeeping services "in the background". 


This can be shown by a simple scheme:


  1. Client issues invoice
  2. Client prints and enters it automatically (not necessary to know what happens in the background)
  3. Software we use automatically generates changes on the goods, tax and financial accounts
  4. Our employees control generated changes and confirm them in the General Ledger as well as other analytics.
  5. Analytics of buyers and suppliers are updated and the client views all statuses for all partners by himself in its data base!


How is this possible? Because our vision of "United Business Solutions" includes the usage of modern technology, operating the same data base as our clients, where individuals execute only their specific tasks on such base: for example, the client generates invoices and our employees control other bookkeeping processes. It is important to note that in this job setting no task is doubled, saving time and money for the client, since our services are shorter related to the tiresome data retyping and we are dedicated to precision, accuracy and control of business change entries! 


Can I know how much do the buyers owe me at any time?

Yes of course. Especially if you use some of the business software packages from us.


Can I see my obligations towards the suppliers?


Also. Still, the practice has shown that some suppliers are late with the delivery of their invoices, so here we should include special reports and dedicated analysis. 


Buyers are not paying per invoice, they pay the amounts they are able to at the moment. How do I know what was not paid yet?


Don't worry. If you use our business management software, and if our company is your bookkeeping agency, these services are included in our standard offer. There are several ways to resolve this issue, depending on our agreement.  


One supplier delivers goods and services to a number of branches. Can I have information on the debt of each branch to such supplier?


Of course. The essence of keeping analytical records is the possibility to review business based on different groups. In this case, the groups are not created by legal entities you conduct business with, but your branches as well. Special precondition to provide this service does not exist. if you decide to use our software, our experts will set it to automatically generate these reports. 


It seems to me that I have receivables and accounts payable towards several companies. Can I check which compensations are possible?


Review of compensations is the result of sound bookkeeping and updated business books, as well as payment records. If our company keeps the business books as your bookkeeping agency, this review is available to you at any moment. 


Analytical Records, Accounts Payable and Receivables from Customers - price of the service



Price for the bookkeeping services of keeping analytical records provided by our bookkeeping agency depends on several factors. The price depends on the fact whether the company is in the VAT system or not, the number of received and issued invoices, number of cash registers, number of fixed assets. Also, the price may be influenced by the fact the company is involved in foreign trade or not. Naturally, the price of service depends on whether the potential company is the user of our services from the united business solutions package, in which case special arrangement is made depending on services selected. 



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