Bookkeeping services

Bookkeeping Services

We offer bookkeeping and other similar services adopted to your needs. You may choose a set of standard or additional services. SVM Belgrade offers the following bookkeeping services:


1. Standard Set of Bookkeeping Services

  • Calculation in retail and wholesale 
  • Booking of calculation in General Ledger
  • Forming of KEP book
  • Bank statements booking
  • Cash transactions
  • incoming and output invoices Register (KPR and KIR)
  • VAT calculation
  • Payroll, taxes and contributions
  • Inventory, depreciation and revalorization of fixed assets
  • Fiscal Year Final statement
  • Periodical statements and reports 

2. Special bookkeeping services and reports

  • A nalytical records in chart of accounts, open transactions report
  • Financial business analysis
  • Cost reduction analysis 
  • General Ledger analysis by cost units and projects 
  • Creditworthiness of customers
  • Business plan and feasibility study
  • Reporting according to credit and loan applications
  • Ratio analysis
  • Company and assets valuation
  • Judicial expertise 


The Way We Work


Interview and Analysis of Client's Requirements

  • Through interviews with clients we reach information on their needs and desires in order to, through mutual cooperation (teamwork) determine the most efficient processes of collecting, processing and analysis of documentation and data
  • Determination of data availability method
  • Analysis of client's requirements and need for specific reports
  • The process of bookkeeping services is determined by: form of client's organization, ownership structure, size of the company, documentation and data amount, data processing location


Documentation Exchange Agreement

  • Agreement on the obliagations of the service user
  • Agreement on the obligations of SVM Solutions
  • Agreement on the deadline of documentation and report delivery from Client to SVM Solutions back to the Client (2 to 3 days from change occurrence)   


Responsibilities and Integrity of Documentation

  • Client is responsible for development and liquidation (certified by client)
  • Client reviews and is responsible for the validity and legality of business changes presented in the documentation delivered (Law on VAT)
  • SVM Solutions is responsible for proper and updated entry of business changes and report production all in accordance with legal terms of keeping business books and report production
  • Obligation of SVM Solutions Belgrade is participation in inspection at the request of the inspecting authority

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