General bookkeeping service

Bookkeeping agency SVM d.o.o - general bookkeeping services

SVM - United Business Solutions, as a bookkeeping agency, offers a choice of single-entry or double-entry bookkeeping services. Single-entry bookkeeping records only certain changes in 
income and expenditure, making it suitable for small business legal entities (the "lump sum" companies), while double entry bookkeeping includes all business events, which are recorded on at least two accounts.

The task to be performed by our bookkeeping agency in providing bookkeeping services

In order to complete required tasks our agency's experts are recording all relevant information about financial transactions occurring in a given financial period. Those information are found in documentation that your company produces or receives. This refers to e.g. incoming and outgoing invoices, bank statements, traverses, price index, contracts, shipping, work orders, inventory etc.

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