In order to mitigate crisis, the Government of the Republic of Serbia adopted a package of measures related to direct aid to businessmen and employees. 
    A number of entrepreneurs in our country complained in the previous period regarding flat-rate tax paying. In addition to a series of obstacles they identified as illogical and distracting, …
End of the year is approaching, and it seems that the National Assembly is moving full steam ahead. The vote is on the amendments of laws that are important for economy. This is why the time is right …
  Electronic trade and trade in general were the topic of discussion in the National Assembly of Serbia. There were amendments to articles of the law and MPs, after a long debate, decided to adopt …
Use the opportunity to receive employment benefits for qualified new employees, despite the state of emergency!
  Another type of relief for new employees as of 01 January 2020   In addition to existing relief for employment and self-employment, as of 01 January 2020, a new type of relief shall c…
Government of the Republic of Serbia decided to promote employment of young people entering the labor market. Thus, it decided to present amendments to the Law on Citizen Income Tax in order to preven…
Beginning of the new year brings new changes related to tax relief, referring to companies and entrepreneurs that are of recent date.