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Slovenian software company SAOP has awarded the certificate to our company SVM - United Business Solutions, for successfully passed exam for certification for iCenter ERP solutions. iCenter is a robust software for business management, mostly for large companies, but smaller company may use it too. Currently SAOP has over 25 000 users worldwide. 


Fast and Quick to Right Business Decisions


Business information system SAOP iCenter offers its users a unique working environment, since it includes reports, current information from the business process, as well as tools for efficient execution of operations. All users access the same information that is customized to the process and its work orders. 


Efficient Financial Management


Financial and accounting system SAOP iCenter is closely connected to other solutions for sales, orders, material operations and production, so, from the financial viewpoint, you can manage your main resources. In a simple manner you can manage your costs, plan income and manage the cash flow.


Maximize Business Performance


Comprehensive information business support - SAOP iCenter connects all areas of your business. With the aid of SAOP iCenter your business becomes transparent and easy to manage, regardless of the size and the organization of the company. Set the mechanism for reaching business goals and executing strategy in accordance with the trends in your area. 


Customized to Your Business Style


SAOP iCenter awards standard business processes with a series of solutions, and at the same time, it is completely open to support each specific item of your business. Modular basis and the possibility to connect with special business applications of partner companies enable the usage of single completely customized business information system. 


Key advantages of the ERP solution iCenter


  • With good practice of IT support increase efficiency of the company and reduce business risk!
  • Regular business reports, as well as analytical OLAP solutions for customized business reporting provide quality information for decision making in strategic and operational management.
  • Closely connected business processes, one time entry of data as well as simple automated work procedures improve management, increase quality and speed your processes up.  
  • Installed document system facilitates productivity increase through faster data access and keeping documents in electronic form. 


Advantages of SAOP iCenter for financial accounting 


  • fast preparation of semi-annual balances, income statements, as well as monthly reports to relevant authorities;
  • electronic data exchange with PURS and other competent authorities;
  • customized business reports and analysis for decision making, on operational and management level;
  • improving standard functionality with online solutions for accelerating the data transfer process;
  • fast creation of printouts for banks, employees, business partners, legal and administrative procedures.


Advantages of SAOP iCenter for production companies


  • good practice for different production centers: home appliances, food and wood industry, etc.;
  • comprehensive management and monitoring of material and goods flow;
  • aligned keeping stock of material and semi-products in accordance with needs and production plan;
  • pre-calculation for planning financial and material sources, as well as post-calculation for performance measurement;
  • integration with logistics and financial-accounting system for process automation.


Advantages of SAOP iCenter for trading companies


  • use in trading companies of all sizes (store chains, local shops);
  • complete support of business requirements regardless of the size and type of the sale (retail, wholesale, distribution, consignation...);
  • possibility of integration with e-shops;
  • loyalty system for customers;
  • use of different labeling technologies (barcode, RFID) for real time stock monitoring;
  • through mobile sales, improved presence on sales locations;
  • success forecast by retail price pre-simulation.


Advantages of SAOP iCenter for service and maintenance companies


  • management of service and consumables in case of lease of assets;
  • service quality control for maintenance in the warranty and post-warranty period;
  • installed analytical possibilities for tracking defects and repairs per devices accelerate error correction;
  • timely warning on regular services additionally improves the planning of operations, technical means and availability of spare parts;
  • communication with clients on service execution by e-mail and SMS.


See more on ERP solution of iCenter at  iCenter.

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