Account Management by Analytics (Business Units, Profit Centers, Cost Locations, Cost Supplier)


If your company is well developed, it includes several business units, or one profit unit with several sectors, it is usually very hard to view reports at the level of the entire company. 


To make proper decisions on management level, it is best to have the reports grouped in some manner per certain criteria. These groups are named "analytics" or, in accordance with Microsoft Dynamics technology, "dimensions". For this reason, bookkeeping per analytics is required. On data entry in the business documents (this is especially valid for received and issued invoices, as well as material costs), business data is determined, that is, entered to analytics they belong to, and then, special financial statements and reports are prepared, that may be grouped per such analytics. On these reports, data is grouped (usually income and costs, receivables and liabilities) per groups set based on analytics thus facilitating insight into the business results of the company. 


Below are the examples of the most frequent analytics :


1. Account Management by Analytics - Business Units


This analytics is frequent with companies with several branches, or one branch but several different businesses within the company. In order to manage the company with success, it is necessary to view income and costs for each of them. These bookkeeping services require experience, precision and cooperation with your company, for the statements to be proper. SVM - United Business Solutions have enough experience in these operations, and which is more important, facilitate the decision making process for the management. 


2. Account Management by Analytics - Profit Centers


Profit centers are analytics that is frequent when the company is involved in some type of production or service provision, where it is very important to view income and costs at the level of one job, construction site, one contract or delivery of goods and services, etc.


3. Account Management by Analytics - Cost Locations


With cost locations, only costs per location of occurrence are analyzed. These are, for example, sectors within a company (sales, service, procurement, finance ...), plants (painting, sewing, tailoring...) or machines (truck, drill, car ...)


4. Account Management by Analytics - Cost Supplier


Cost suppliers are individual performances that is, products and services regardless of the location of occurrence: development material, wages and earnings of employees, etc.    


5. Account Management by Analytics - Sales Programs


This is a frequent analytics with trading companies that operate several brands. For example, the sales program for TVs of one brand, sales program of TVs for another brand, etc. These bookkeeping services and statements are of great significance to the sales sector since they can view margin per sales program. Based on this, management decisions can be made, for example, marketing moves, discounts, sales incentives, etc. All for the purpose of improving the sales results of the company. 


6. Account Management by Analytics - Products and Services Categorization


Products and services categorization is an important analytics. It is mandatory in trading companies and is good for the observation of sales and procurement process. Often, in practice, these divisions are hierarchical and "tree-like". This means there are groups, subgroups, subgroups to these subgroups, etc. Similar as the structure of directories on your computer. 


Account Management by Analytics - price of the service


Price for the bookkeeping services of account management by analytics that can be provided by our bookkeeping agency depends on several factors. The price depends on whether the company is within the VAT system or not, as well as the number of received and issued invoices, the number of employees for which the earnings are calculated, number of cash registers, fixed assets. Also, the price may be under the influence of whether the company is involved in foreign trade, number of retail facilities, etc, and volume of operations and the complexity of the company. Naturally, the price of the service depends on whether the company is the user of our services from the united business solutions package, in which case special arrangement is made depending on services selected. 

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