The Law on Amendments of the Law on Companies was adopted in June 2018. One of the adopted novelties was the obligation to register an e-mail address.
The Government of the Republic of Serbia, at a meeting held on 24 May 2018, adopted the bill of amendments of the Law on Companies, cancelling the mandatory use of seal in commercial transactions.
Meeting on the subject of Ex post analysis of the Law on Fiscal Cash Registers, which is the result of the project of the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia in cooperation with the National Alliance for Lo…
Tax Administration of the Republic of Serbia issued a very important notice for taxpayers.
According to the Law amendments all companies must report all the premises on which they conduct business to the Tax Administration by 26 August 2018 that are not registered in the BRA.
Electronic company foundation was expected for a long time, and it will be possible as of 01 January 2018.
Companies that are within the VAT system are often confused on how to monitor the sales of goods and services for the last 12 months? Here, we will resolve this dilemma. 
"SVM United Business Solution" informs website visitors that the exercise of the right to compensation for absence on work for illness is now facilitated. From now on, necessary paperwork to open the …