Bookkeeping Services for Slovenian Company Labena

Labena ltd. company is active on ex - Yugoslav republic market since year of 1999. The main business of this international company is import and distribution of laboratory equipment and consumables of foreign traders. Besides, company has certified service. The reparemen staff is totaly qualified to give the reparature service on such equipment. Finally, the last but not the least, company Labena offers a possibility of teaching the staff of their clients according the services Labena offers.


Labena Company has the confidence of many companies and different branches of industries, such as:

  • pharmaceutical industry
  • chemical industry
  • food and bevarage industry
  • universities and institutes
  • health industry
  • ministry of agriculture

Thanks to huge market share in other company branches, which is growing year by year, in Labena company are optimists concerning future of penetrating serbian market, because they have plans for developing customer satisfaction of all selling brands and increasing the quality of own services.

SVM - United Business Solutions company, which is chosen as a bookkeeping service for Labena Company, emphasizes big pleasure with the agreement with Labena company. Particularly, SVM company emphasizes partnership with Lebena representative Aleksandar Benović. Under business terms and conditions mentioned above we wish Labena success on local market of Serbia, as well as spreading of our partnership through our bookkeeping and financial services.

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