Soledo Company: There is No Crisis in Industry of Frozen Food and Beverages

SVM has successfully concluded an agreement with Soledo - a small company which primary business is distribution of frozen food, ice- creams, cakes and beverages. The CEO of Soledo company Igor Stankic explains that main part of business is done on time, the agreements with their clients are signed on time, and now they are turning the attention of sustaining the quality of service, meaning - the right-on-time reactions to clients' needs, as well as bringing the right business decisions on time.

SVM - United Business Solutions as a bookkeeping service can assist in that area of business through supplying the right services from their business area :

Knjigovodstvene usluge - Smrznute torte

  • Bookkeeping services
  • Financial consulting
  • Tax consulting
  • Technical support in area of ERP solutions

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