SVM United Business Solutions collaborator on the project of electronic submission of tax returns


The Electronic Tax Appliance

After a meeting in Belgrade Chamber of Commerce about a new system of tax and contribution withholding tax, and submission of new applications electronically, held in the premises of Commerce 09/18/2013, in Knez Milos 12 in Belgrade, United Business Solutions Alliance have expressed a desire to participate in improving the transition procedures in a new billing system.

Belgrade Chamber of Commerce thanked our company for willingness to participate in procedures of transition to a new system of taxes and contributions tax. We are confident that the experience of our experts can contribute to some special cases in the process of filing tax returns and solve them better than was presented in the meeting. Also, the goal of SVM is to become a recognized company in the IT market in Serbia, as a reliable partner of Chamber of Commerce and representatives of IRS, that helped and contributed in the transition to a new system of taxes and contributions.

As SVM learns from Belgrade Chamber of Commerce, a new operating body is in formation that would deal with and solve issues related to tax returns submission. The date of the first meeting of the operating body is proposed for the first weekend of October 2013th year.


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