SVM on the SAM fourth annual award gala dinner


Serbian Association of Managers (SAM) organized the "SAM ANNUAL AWARD 2015" for the fourth year in a row. Gala dinner was held on 15 December 2015. The purpose of the award is the promotion of all those that advocate the improvement of business conditions including companies, managers, journalists and educational institutions. Followed by the development of leadership among the young, promotion of ethical and responsible business, professionalism in management as well as promotion of regional cooperation.  


The SAM has, through the selection of its members, awarded a total of 22 prizes in 12 categories. Among others, the awards included: Manager of the Year, Salesman of the Year, Regional Project of the Year, Socially Responsible Company of the Year and others. 


Special guest was the Minister of Economy in the Government of the Republic of Serbia Željko Sertić, that opened the gathering and congratulated the President of SAM Milan Petrović, and all others that participated in the realization of this successful project. The Minister highlighted excellent cooperation between the Government and his Ministry and SAM and expressed hope that it will continue in the future. It was accentuated that the Government will continue to assist in the development of small and medium companies by investing significant funds. 


Among other state officials, Deputy Prime Minister Kori Udovički, Nenad Borovčanin, State Secretary in the Ministry of Youth and Sport attended the manifestation, while the special guest was Konstantinos P. Lambrinopoulos, President of the Board of Directors of the European Manager Association (EMA). 


SVM Vladislav Čale


Vladislav Čale (on the right) with Jelenu Bulatović, SAM Executive Director


SVM – United Business Solutions was represented on this event by the Director Vladislav Čale, which conveyed his impressions on this occasion.


“Gala annual award of the Serbian Association of Managers is a great experience for our company. We had an opportunity to meet some of the managers, owners and co-owners of companies and to share experience at the end of this year, which was very successful for us. The fact that better times are coming for the Serbian entrepreneurship is proven by the increasing number of members each year, and what is especially significant for me on this type of gatherings is that I can initiate contact and take some actions for the development of my own business. Everybody is proactive here, they think in this manner and see the opportunity, see a way to find a solution, we are not discussing daily difficulties in the business. This is the spirit that represents SVM, which is visible in our slogan, United Business Solutions!”


It is not easy to establish a company and to set the foundation of successful business, but it is possible. Selection of the partner in this process is, often, the determining factor on the road to success. So pick partners that will enable you to dedicate yourselves to business and its development entirely. 

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