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Bookkeeping Agency SVM found its place under the Sun among recommended agencies on the web site that is the official web site of the Chamber of Commerce of Belgrade for assistance with electronic tax returns. This label was earned by our agency for being a regular attendee of events organized by the Tax Administration in cooperation with the Chamber of the city and for contributing with its suggestions so that the tax return is easily used by bookkeeping agencies in the entire region. 


Electronic Tax Return Presented in the Chamber of Commerce of Belgrade


In the premises of the Chamber of Commerce of Belgrade, on 21 January 2014 electronic tax return was presented, that is, a completely new system that enables tax and contributions submission as well as registering and terminating employees. This system shall be applicable for all other applications starting from July of the current year.  


Electronic Tax Return Submitted More Than 40% of Companies 


According to the data of the Tax Administration, even though this is a transitional period including the transfer of companies from traditional to electronic tax returns, it is encouraging to see that the electronic tax return was used by 40% of companies. 

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