Intoba: miniMax on the Air - In Any Point of View


More and more small businesses are choosing the concept of selecting a single  company that can provide a whole package of services to them at once. Such is the case with the newly formed small business company Intoba.

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Particularly, the CEO of Intoba Zoran Rajković told us that he had come to see how an application for small businesses miniMax works, and when he realized what the concept of a company that SVM - United Business Solutions provides is. Then, everything happened at glance: We did not find it very difficult to conclude the agreement. Intoba has a vision of becoming a recognized trading company, based on previous extensive experience in trades and production companies. But to start a business in Serbia first, it is necessary to optimize the initial investments.


SVM - United Business Solutions, as a bookkeeping service helps the dream come true! Bookkeeping services as well as financial and tax consulting , plus bookkeeping and trading software miniMax is a real example how "United Business Solutions" is the right chosen motto of our company.



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