Implementation of ERP Solution SVM Syntegra in Retail Chain Data Status from Belgrade

Company Data Status from Belgrade is well known for its business of import and distribution of foreign publications and databases., as well as selling books via internet. Given a huge number of products (over 100 000 titles

, with over 10 000 active), it was a big challenge to produce a know - how of product groupings and setting an efective and reliable ERP system with possibilities of fast generating discounts and promotions.  Data Status company demanded a partner which could supply managing reports, as well as efficient retail and distribution management . The solution that this company have chosen was Microsoft Dynamics Nav as head office solution, and ERP solution SVM Syntegra in retail chain.

Using this tehcnologies, Data Status company is provided by unified data input in central database, and other way, using special developed connectors between MS Dynamics Nav and ERP Syntegra, data is distributed in retail objects on daily basic, or on user's request.

There were other challenges during implementation besides integration of two platforms: the specifics of book- selling business and foreign publications and databases are usually selled as a commision sale, which had to be managed with special attention, according to local laws and regulations, as well as information processes which this type of sales brings up. Then, followed by huge number of products in stores, we had to pay attention carefully to organize inventures and data input of inventure results.

Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics Nav software was fulfilled by Modern Office company, and our Company SVM - United Business Solutions has done implementation in retail objects. This is one more confirmation that SVM company, with its motto "United Business Solutions" on right way to fulfill its mission

More about Data status from Belgrade, as well as new promotions and corporate actions you can find on their internet site

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