ICT in Serbia


The Government of Serbia often suggests that the information and communication technologies represent a very significant part of the Serbian economy. Within GDP, the share of ICT is 5.5 %. During the last year only, over 230 million euro was invested in the telecommunication and information technology sector. When it comes to income, it was approximately 1.5 billion euro, mostly from mobile telephony.  


ICT market in Serbia is constantly developing and this development was spotted by foreign companies that do not hide their intentions and work on being more and more represented on our market (for example, Microsoft). Current estimate of our market value is within the range from 400 to 550 million with the tendency of growth. 


IT sector of the Republic of Serbia exported in the value of 220 million USD during the last year.


Big Companies on the Serbian Market


Acquisition of small companies by renowned, global companies is present on the global, as well as Serbian market. This process is becoming more and more significant on our territory since a large number of foreign companies seeks innovative information solutions of small companies. Each year a large number of small IT companies cease their operations on our market. This does not mean they are terminated but that they have operated very well and drew the attention of foreign companies with their work. 


According to statements of representatives of „Facebook“ and „Google“, there is a very well developed infrastructure on the ICT market in Serbia, and that our market, as such, attracts a large number of renowned, global companies.  


Business Software


SVM United Business Solutions, as one of the successful companies in the region, attends events regarding ICT. Using our experience and knowledge we are trying to contribute and facilitate operation of the Serbian economy in the field of bookkeeping and accounting. We can proudly say that we have designed a business software SVM Syntegra that is actually a comprehensive solution for the management of all business processes and resources of the company. 

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