Good News for all Business Entities: Use of Seal is No Longer Mandatory!


The Government of the Republic of Serbia, at a meeting held on 24 May 2018, adopted the bill of amendments of the Law on Companies, cancelling the mandatory use of seal in commercial transactions.




The Government states that, according to this bill, no company shall be obligated to use seals in business records, as well as other business documents. It is important to state that the initiation of application of this Law terminates the validity of provisions that prescribed the usage of seals for legal entities in 12 other laws.


New Business Era in Serbia Begins


This decision removes another one in a series of unnecessary administrative burdens for all legal entities. It is expected that this will impact primarily the improvement of business and economic environment, which will impact the position of Serbia on the Doing Business list of the World Bank. As stipulated from the Government, the most important of all is that this will affect the change of mindset of domestic businessmen and improve the reputation Serbia has globally.

This entire process started with the adoption of the Law on eBusiness and its bylaws, enabling businessmen to move to electronic business, including using electronic documents and signatures, as well as electronic document sharing and filing.

Redundant administration, that was the consequence of the obligation to produce a seal and its mandatory use should be the past in bookkeeping and bookkeeping and administrative procedures. Cancelling the mandatory use of seal additionally reduces costs for companies, resulting in additional reduction of the burden to the economy. 

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