Good and Bad Characteristics of Bookkeeping Agencies


Whether you seek bookkeeping services as a newly founded company or an existing company that wishes to change its bookkeeping agency for any reason, you should think about a few things before you reach the final decision on the selection of the agency you will entrust with bookkeeping. To help you with this decision, we have decided to prepare this small reminder created from our experience in providing bookkeeping services to different types of companies.  


What Should I know Before Selecting the Bookkeeping Agency?


This is probably the biggest headache for a company when it comes to bookkeeping. Only the thought of waiting in lines in tax administration, losing time and nerves surely influences the stagnation of business. 


Losing time and money waiting in lines should not be your job but the task and the obligation of the bookkeeping agency if you hire one. The prices for this type of services is not large, but the job is done professionally and with guaranteed success. Forget about waiting, hire an agency and be in sync with modern business. 


Potentially Bad Characteristics of the Bookkeeping Agency


You have decided to assign your bookkeeping to the bookkeeping agency? Before you select one we will provide a few advice on how to make your selection optimum. 


Be sure to check the bookkeeping agency, that is, how long does it operate. If it exists for a long time, it is very unlikely that it is a bad agency, that is, the one that often makes mistakes. 


Each bookkeeping agency that operates for some time has a reference list that should be checked. When we say reference, we mean a list of companies to which the agency provides its services to. It is recommended to contact such companies and inquire on the quality of service. 


Perhaps the most important item with checking the bookkeeping agency is insight into the bookkeeping business software the agency uses. Believe it or not, in modern business times there are still agencies that provide bookkeeping services using "paper and pen". 


Bookkeeping agency must be familiar with current legislation. If the knowledge on legislation of the agency is not sufficient, it may easily happen that all your business troubles are for nothing. 


Good Sides of the Bookkeeping Agency


In addition to all bad things aforementioned, we will say a couple of words on the good side of a bookkeeping agency.


  • Bookkeeping agency should respect the business hours of the company
  • Bookkeeping agency should wait in lines for you and in your name
  • Bookkeeping agency should come to you, not vice-versa
  • Bookkeeping agency should be available to you, even for 12 h if necessary

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