Entrepreneurs, apply for your electronic certificate, here is why you will need it!


This means that you can now submit a unique registration application and all other documentation required for the incorporation of the limited liability company ONLINE, which will release you from visits to the Business Registers Agency. This service is currently available only to companies with one member.

The applicant must be an adult and it must hold the electronic certificate issued by one of the certification bodies (currently five).

Certification body is an institution authorized to issue electronic certificates. Such electronic certificates, issued by the competent body are named qualified electronic certificates. Currently, at the moment of preparing this article, there are 5 certification bodies in the Republic of Serbia. These are:


  1. Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Serbia. The only certificate free of charge, loaded into the ID card, if it contains the chip.
  2. Post (Postal certification body). The only one operating on Linux.
  3. Serbian chamber of commerce. One of the most popular ones.
  4. Halcom company. Most expensive, but renowned.
  5. e-Smart company. Least known, but not less reliable.

So, this will be interesting to those that already have the electronic certificate. Those that do not have it, they can apply in some of the certification bodies, which means, they have to wait in line once, if the wish to avoid the line in front of the BRA. Application for all certificates (except MI) includes submitting documents and waiting for a few days, while in the MI, you wait in line, and receive the certificate at the spot. 

At the website of the Business Registers Agency you can access the system used for central application and start registration in that manner.

How to apply online for LLC registration?

Before you start online application you will need to create a user account at the BRA website. This takes a few steps, entering your basic data such as first name, last name and an e-mail address. Then the system will take you to the page where you will select your country of origin, personal ID number or a thirteen-digit number if you are a resident of the Republic of Serbia, and the rest will enter their passport number. The next page will require a password and this is the final step in creating your account. 


Agency provided a visual registration guide as well as detailed Instructions including all steps followed by images to facilitate access to the application and the registration of the company.



Incorporation fee


Online registration fees are noticeably lower compared to the recent registration method, that is, they are RSD 4,500.00 which is RSD 1,400.00 less than before. Payment may be executed using Visa, MasterCard or Dina payment cards. It is obvious that the intention of BRA is to reduce waiting in lines, thus promoting this form of registration of legal entities.

Conditions for registration application

When applying it is primarily necessary to complete all the fields in the online form, and, additionally, the following is required:


  • online registration fee paid
  • application must include qualified electronic certificate (here's why you need the electronic certificate)
  • record number or personal ID number from the electronic signature of the foreign applicant must match the record number or personal ID number in the section defining applicant.


Who can apply?

Electronic application may be submitted by:


  • Founder, that is, member of the company – natural person (domestic or foreign)
  • Authorized person


If the authorized person submits the electronic application it is necessary to submit, in electronic form proof on authorization by a company member. Authorization must include an electronic signature of a company member. Instead of an authorization the applicant may submit a digital act relevance of which was confirmed by qualified electronic seal or electronic signature of the notary public.


To put it in simple terms, if anybody else is applying instead of you, the founder, you will have to visit the notary public with that person and certify the authorization for such other person. The other person becomes the authorized person and then such person may apply instead of you. But if you already have the electronic signature used for authorization, you can skip the authorized person and sign the application for incorporation in the BRA directly with electronic signature. 


What else does the Business Registers Agency offer?

You can use this service to:


  • apply for TIN
  • apply for VAT records
  • notify the service on initiation of employment


Prior do decision making on the registration, there is an option of amending or cancelling the application.

So, to summarize:


Benefits of the electronic service for company registration:


  • Possibility of incorporation from home or the office is surely the largest advantage
  • Lower fees
  • No waiting in lines or visiting BRA
  • Simple registration procedure


Flaws of the electronic service for company registration:


  • Total “waiting time” is not reduced, if you do not hold the electronic certificate, since if you wish to establish a single member LLC from your home, you must have the electronic certificate. And to get one, you will have to wait, either in line (in case of MI certificate) or a mail delivery from another certification body, by personal delivery, that is.
  • If you wish to be founded by an authorized person, you need to certify the authorization with the notary public. True, it is not too busy at notary offices these days, but this is another „must“.


All in all, the option of electronic registration of companies is recommended for those who already have the electronic certificate, or for those intending to get it. Surely, there is still an option of visiting the BRA branch, that is, submitting the documentation by mail, but, in total, there is an increasing number of electronic services and if electronic submission of documentation is now an option, in the years to come, it will be the preferred option.   


Therefore, hurry up, and get your electronic certificate !

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