Advantages of the bookkeeping agency compared to the own accounting department


You will have to make a very important decision while starting your own business. Do you employ your own accountant or hire a bookkeeping agency that will do this job for you? At the end of the business year, the main characteristic of each company is its business result. This business result is not only important to us as company, but to the government too, since based on its the government calculates and collects tax. There must be bo errors in the annual report, since it may result in significant fines.


What should influence this choice is the size of your company and the number of transactions on the daily, monthly and annual level. What should influence these two choices are surely the costs for accounting. 


Bookkeeping Agency

You have determined that the number of transactions is very low, and that the costs for which you would hire an agency are much lower than having your own employee that would perform bookkeeping and accounting tasks. Before you select an agency you must be aware that there are many of them on the market. You must find an agency that suits you. If you are only starting, you should better hire a small bookkeeping agency. This is a good choice if your business is not too complex. If your job is complex and you need timely information, select a more serious agency that will offer software records. The agency may offer tax and financial consulting services, preparation of final statement of accounts at the end of the year and many more detailed financial analysis. 


Accounting Department


Accounting is more than bookkeeping. In addition to bookkeeping it includes calculation of costs, accounting planning, analysis and audit. Forming this department in your company will surely draw large costs. Persons doing this job are well paid on the labor market. You will also need a software that will enable precise records of your business. Having your own accounting department is desirable if you are a large company with many transactions during the year. Right information at the right time from your department may point to a new business opportunity that results in profit. 

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