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Soon the Government will use special measures to "push" developers that wish to open their own company and those that developed their own business. The Government will provide to the IT industry tax reliefs, grants for startups up to EUR 25,000 and support to exporters. This will be beneficial for future students since expansion of enrollment quotas is planned in order for Serbia to produce more IT engineers. 


How Does Dinkić Plan to Help?


The Minister of Finance and Economy Mlađan Dinkić discussed measures planned by the Government with approximately 50 IT companies. Dinkić announced that necessary amendments of laws are planned for March in order to implement the support program for this sector and to facilitate online business.  


- Grants will be provided for new companies, if there is an investor ready to invest in the product. In this case, Serbia's share in the project would be half, up to EUR 25,000 per project maximum - promised Dinkić.


The Minister said that in the first half of the year tax reliefs will be adopted "in the form of tax loans for research and development, relief from payment of one third of salary tax and relief from taxes for health and unemployment". Dinkić announced support to IT exporters, through a special insurance system, to be able to sell as many products and services on the global market as possible. 


- Since in Serbia there are no unemployed engineers of IT technology and electronics, we will support the increase of enrollment quotas in high schools, science and technical faculties. Also, we will help such faculties to expand capacities - he said.


SVM United Business Solutions Welcome Any Assistance from the Government


Vladislav Čale, Director of the IT company “SVM - United Business Solutions”, said for “24 sata” that any form of support is welcome.


- Every form of assistance is good. We have been developing business software for eight years, but we need government support since it increases our chance to enter a new market - said Čale.


Vladan Atanasijević, General Manager of the company Asseco, said for our newspaper that tax relief is the biggest support.

- The biggest cost in software companies are human resources, that is, salary tax. This relief is a big help since we will be able to invest more in development and opening new positions. The initiative is great, especially considering that the IT industry is primarily software production, clean technology where you simply work and create added value - said Atanasijević.


Planned Measures for Developer Support

- One third of salary tax relief
- Health and unemployment tax relief
- Startup subsidies up to EUR 25,000 per project
- Financial help in developing and export of original domestic product
- Help in allocating development centers of large global IT companies
- Expanding enrollment and capacities in high schools and faculties for developers

Note: Article taken in full from "24 sata"

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