Relief for all those planning to establish a company: registration of entrepreneurs and single-member LLCs BY ELECTRONIC MEANS as of 01 January 2018


Electronic company foundation was expected for a long time, and it will be possible as of 01 January 2018. Through the Business Registers Agency, entrepreneurs and single-member limited liability companies will be founded by electronic means. additionally, decisions shall be received in electronic form.  


osnivanje preduzetnikaThe plan is to, in time, along entrepreneurs and limited liability companies with one member for which the foundation procedure is simple, enable foundation by electronic means to other legal entities. This includes limited liability companies, joint stock companies, associations, sports associations, foundations and all other legal entities in BRA.  


In Serbia, during one month, on average 3.000 people make a decision on entrepreneur foundation, while 1.000 decide to establish a single-member LLC.


Business Registers Agency claims that the development of regional business registry is ongoing, in cooperation with the Central Registry of the Republic of Macedonia and EBRD. The plan for the future is to include Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Albania and BH. 


The main idea of this project is to share experience, determine good business practice, and at the same time, work jointly on preventing damage and abuse. Additionally, businessmen from the region would have all business data from official registers in one place, on companies and their owners. 

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