Income and property control starts from 2013th


Income and property control starts from 2013th


Tax Administration in Serbia will begin, in early 2013th, cross-assessment control of income and property of our citizens, said the Minister of Finance and Economy Mladjan Dinkic. “SMV United Business Solutions” as an accounting agency that cares about the income of the citizens, advise you to make sure that you comply with the revenue value of the property. If not, you will have to pay tax on the difference.


Tax on “difference” 20 percent


Citizens who have more valuable assets than their incomes, will have to pay 20 percent tax of a “difference”. That’s not all, because if the Tax Office report it, those citizens may expect to receive “greetings” on their addreses - criminal or misdemeanor charges.


First target are bankruptcy trustees


The goal is to get in control, and tax the wealthiest among us. The Ministry of Finance will soon determine under what criteria it will work and which will be compare period for the the property. “SMV United Business Solutions” remind you that first on the list for controlling will be bankruptcy trustees, and then, after them, the turn will come on citizens. The managers are the first target of the ministry, because many have been charged to have received high fees. For now it is assumed that the limit is set at 300.000 euros, and all property, cash, and other important assets they will have to apply to the tax authorities.


Everything will be ready soon


Cross-evaluation of assets previously could not be implemented because a set of decisions adopted by the Government to make it possible, is missing. Ministry announced that, by early 2013th everything will be ready. When the Ministry of Finance determines all the criteria, “SVM United Business Solutions” will take the time to notify of any changes to the criteria which will be used to decide who is actualy rich in Serbia.


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