Implementation of salaries and HR module in Protecta Group


The implementation of salaries and HR module in Protecta group company is on final milestone. The implementation is done on ERP solution iCenter, one of some ERP solutions which SVM - United Business Solutions is representative. Users are shown benefits of wages calculations and payroll through iCenter software, and they are provided with necessery skills to use the software correctly.

Vladislav Čale from SVM company, as a project leader explained: "We reached last stage of implementation. As always on beginning, preparations took place a little longer, because of huge data we had to input in the system, as well as of size of 


Protecta company. We implemented HR module, and now we are on last stage of implementation of salaries and wages calculation. I would like to emphasize is automation with payroll process - the software has the possibility to export payment orders into software for bank payments, which is huge time saving for Protecta Group!"

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