Disney, Lego, McLaren, Sony and BBC use Serbian software


BBC, „Cisco”, „Sony”, „Disney”, „McLaren”, „Microsoft” - are just some of the global giants that use software "made in Serbia" in some part of their business. Domestic IT experts designed software these companies use to keep business books, calculate salaries, manage data, and Serbian software was also used by major banking groups such as "Intesa", "Societe", "UniCredit"... 


The Minister of Finance Mlađan Dinkić recently stated that the Government will support IT companies. He said that Serbia, in 2012, made 300 million euro from software export and that this amount can multiply. Investment in this sector may prevent brain drain, said the Minister. However, our developers proved that they can work with global companies without the aid of the Government.  


SVM Cooperates With „Microsoft”

IT company SVM designed a software called “Syntegra” used in retail, for keeping books and calculating wages. - "Syntegra" is an independent solution, and at the same time an addition to a globally known software "Microsoft Dynamic NAV". The client that wishes to use "Microsoft” solutions, does not need to pay expensive licenses”, experts from SVM explain.


Software of „ABSoft” Reached „Siemens”


“We design software that can be used for all operations, data management”, say in “ABSoft” for “24 sata”. Their software, among others, is used by the German “Siemens”, French “Bricolage”, “Panasonic”...


Software of the Company A51 is Used by „Disney”, „Swatch”, „Lego”


- Our software is now in Version 3, and we are preparing a Version 4, used for project management and joint operations - say in the IT company A51. The solution of this company was bought by BBC, “Cisco”, TI, “Universal”, “Sony”, “Apple”, then “Adobe”, “Nokia”, “Lego”, “Swatch”, “Disney”, “Bridgestone”, “McLaren”... And it was also bought by the universities “Berkley”, “Duke”, MIT, “Stanford”...


„Telvent DMS” Has an Electric Network Management Software


Software of the company from Novi Sad „Telvent DMS” practically manages the entire electric network, op­ti­mi­zes new green technologies, renewable sources, wind ge­ne­ra­to­rs, so­lar ge­ne­ra­to­rs-pa­ne­ls, ba­tte­ri­es. This software is used by „Si­emens”, „ Microsoft”, IBM, „General Electric” from USA, „Tel­vent” from Spain, „Mo­to­ro­la” from Israel...


Solutions of „Asseco SEE” Are Used by Banks All Over the World 


“Asseco”, among other operations, designs software for document and procedure management, banking software, mobile and electronic banking, ATMs... This software is used by large banking groups such as “Intesa SanPaolo”, “ING bank”, “Societe Generale”, “UniCredit”, “Procredit”, NLB…


Note: Article taken in full from the magazine "24 sata"

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Dejan Kontić on 22.02.2013 14:52

Sve čestitke SVM-u!
Lepo je videti svog partnera u listi svetski priznatih imena.
Samo napred!


Mišo Lončarević on 23.02.2013 09:11

Svetsko a naše :) ... Sjajno majstori ...


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