As of 01 March new applications for founding companies shall apply


Business Registers Agency (BRA) notified all clients that as of 01 March 2016 new Rulebook on Assigning Tax Identification Number to companies entrepreneurs and other subjects within the competence of the Agency shall apply. 


New Rulebook will enable using one form for the registration of the company, application for the VAT system as well as request for flat rate taxation, thus completely implementing one-stop-shop registration for companies. In this manner, clients will be free of additional documentation they had to deliver to the Tax Administration after foundation. 



Part of the unique registration application that is planned for VAT application includes fields for evaluating total turnover in the following 12 months, with the distribution of turnover per activity codes the taxpayer plans to perform. 


Flat rate taxation request, that is also included in the unique registration application does not include additional data, just a descriptive statement of the entrepreneur submitting the request that keeping business books would have a negative impact to its activity. 


Entrepreneurs agree that this is the step in the right direction and that it marks the continuation of e-administration implementation. The goal of e-administration is to improve service provisioning to citizens and reduce administrative procedures significantly saving time. 


As the representative of successful entrepreneurs of this area, SVM shares the opinion on the significance of e-administration for acceleration of operations. With its slogan - SVM - United Business Solutions, its business is founded on the postulates of modern integrated bookkeeping. Namely, from its foundations, SVM has, nine years now, promoted the usage of IT technologies in its activities: electronic documentation exchanged with its clients, as well as simplification of document flow based on the development of IT and e-administration. Evidence to this is the fact that this is the fourth year that the agency sends electronic invoices signed by e-signature, and that it was one of the first to use Internet platforms ePorezi (eTax) and CROSO in its operations. 



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