SVM Company - First Official SAOP Partner !

SAOP - a Slovenian software company, which is recently active on Serbian market, organized training for partners who should be involved in training and technical support, software implementation and providing services of SAOP sompany.

In principle, te subject of partnerhsip is based on two software products: ERP iCenter, which is intended for medium and large enterprises, and miniMax, which is basically a compact accounting software that runs on the Internet.

The training itself lasted several weeks, due to wide requirements that SAOP insists on. After training, the partners were able to choose the examination time, but our company, SVM  - United Business Solutions, has decided to take an exam as soon as possible.

The SVM company was awarded a certificate
after successfully passed the certification exam for the ERP solution iCenter and for bookkeeping software miniMax. More about the products you can read on their company site

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