Negotiations with Hermi neprimetni gromobrani d.o.o. Company are Near Closure

One of rare companies in this type of industry - lightning conductors, called Hermi, was looking for a partner which is acquainted with ERP software solution iCenter from SAOP ltd. company.

After recommendation of people from SAOP ltd. we got in touch with Mrs. Manja Rajh from "Hermi", who has looked for reliable partner who could provide a complete bookkeeping service for the need of "Hermi" company... but on the way that abovementioned bookkeeping service should be performed over online server, remotely. Namely, the users of software from "Hermi" should enter the data according to matter and goods traffic, as well as customer payments, and other bookkeeping data should be entered and tracked by Bookkeeping service SVM - United Business Solutions.

The negotiations are currently on final stage. This is one more confirmation that SVM has, as a progressive bookkeeping service, recognized business direction of ther development "United Business Solutions" as the right way of growing their business, in customer and their own satisfaction !


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