Bookkeeping services

Bookkeeping Services

We offer bookkeeping and other similar services adopted to your needs. You may choose a set of standard or maybe additional services. SVM BBelgrade offers bookkeeping se:


1. Standard set of bookkeeping services

  • Calculation in retail and wholesale 
  • Booking of calculation in General Ledger
  • Forming of KEP book
  • Bank statements booking
  • Cash transactions
  • incoming and output invoices Register (KPR and KIR)
  • VAT calculation
  • Payroll, taxes and contributions
  • Inventory, depretiation and revalorization of fixed assets
  • Fiscal Year Final statement
  • Periodical statements and reports 

2. Extra bookkeeping services and reports

  • Analytical evidention in chart of accounts, open transactions report
  • Financial bussiness analysis
  • Cost reduction analysis 
  • General Ledger analysis by cost units and projects 
  • Credit worthiness of customers
  • Business plan and feasability study
  • Reporting according to credit and loan applications
  • Ratio analysis
  • Company and assets valuation
  • Judicial expertise


How do we do it ?



Dialog and Analysis


Exchange of documentation proposal


Responsibilities and documentation accuracy checking

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